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Sushi Restaurant Dubai

Sushi Auto Belt

Also known as Kaiten-Zushi, Sushi conveyor belts offers a dining experience like no other. We feature more than 40+ unique sushi dishes on our auto belts and is available for just AED 79.

A La Carte Menu

Our extensive A La Carte menu features a comprehensive dining menu, including starters, main course, desserts, and beverages. An experienced team of professional chefs oversees the preparation of each dish.

Private Catering

Whether it be a wedding, anniversary, or a corporate party, UCCI Sushi can cater to the dining needs of any event, big or small! We also do take care of the presentation and can serve the food to your guests as well.


Welcome to UCCI SUSHI

Embark on a multi-sensorial culinary journey through traditional Japanese flavors and cooking styles with UCCI Sushi. As one of the best-reviewed Sushi restaurants in Dubai, we aim to cater to the culinary needs of all tastes and palates. Our extensive A La Carte and Buffet menus are designed to reflect the beauty and variety of authentic Japanese cuisine. Sushi is meant to be eaten fresh! We prepare our dishes only on a made to order basis using high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Apart from meat lovers, we are also happy to cater to the culinary needs of those who are looking for vegan and gluten-free options.

UCCI Sushi is located at the ground floor of the prestigious Auris Inn Al Muhanna Hotel in Barsha Heights (TECOM). Customers can either opt to dine-in or get their order delivered to any location in the Emirate, including JBR, JLT, JVC, Springs, Greens, or Downtown Dubai. We also accept group bookings and can accommodate a group of up to five members at a time. In addition to a dedicated A La Carte menu that features more than 150+ dishes, we also have in place a Sushi Auto Belt, using which you can chow down any of dishes available on the day at just AED 79. We are open all 7-days a week from 12 AM to 11 PM for lunch and dinner. To place a reservation or book our catering service reach out to us on 04-556-0468, alternatively, you can also drop us a line at

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The UCCI Sushi Benefits

1049 orders daily
Delivery from AED 10
+150 dishes available
Diet healthy dishes

Our Sushi & Sashimi Specials

Bento box
Bento box AED 59

The perfect blend of fast food and casual dining, we strive to honor the authenticity of Japanese cooking with our Bento Box.

Eat all you can
Eat all you can AED 79

Choose from over 40 varieties of authentic Japanese cuisine, each of which is freshly cooked and served to your table.

Ikura Nigiri
Ikura Nigiri AED 31

An UCCI Sushi favorite featuring rice, nori seaweed, and salmon eggs as its primary ingredients.

Rainbow Roll
Rainbow Roll AED 39

A healthy and visually pleasing piece of sushi art that features tuna, salmon, avocado, and fried onion.

Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi AED 36

Fresh cuts of four thickly-sliced premium salmon with wakame seaweed, mooli, and lemon.

Tako Nigiri
Tako Nigiri AED 20

Bite-sized Nigiri with Octopus, Sushi Rice, Seaweed, and Gombu Mayo.

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