Fresh salmon, sambal olek, spring onion, Goma sauce, mayonnaise, tempura crumbs
AED 32
Cucumber, crab stick, Goma sauce, mayonnaise, tempura crumbs
AED 28
Mix garden salad served with Ponzu dressing
AED 26
Spinach salad with tuna tataki, sesame and goma sauce
AED 32
Cucumber and marinated Seaweed with sesame seeds
AED 25
Lightly Fried Tofu with 7 Spices
AED 27
Lightly Fried Chicken marinated in sesame soy served with spicy coleslaw
AED 29
Fried Soft Shell Crab, served with spicy coleslaw and Soy yuzukosho Sauce
AED 46
Lightly Fried Battered Shrimp 4 pcs
AED 44
Tofu, seaweed and spring onion
AED 20
Beef Broth Soup with noodle, scallion, sprouts and egg topping with sliced of BBQ Beef
AED 24
Prawn, squid, fish, Crab with spicy soup Thai style
AED 25