Main Course

The perfect blend of fast food and casual dining, we strive to honor the authenticity of Japanese cooking with our Bento Box.
AED 59
Grilled beef, Pommery Soy Mustard, Crispy onion
AED 65
Grilled red snapper Served with, Fried Rice Tomato chili sauce
AED 70
Grilled King Prawn with sesame, peanut sauce, Shichimi Togarashi
AED 75
Grilled Salmon Teriyaki
AED 65
Deep Fried panko battered chicken served with tonkatsu sauce and Spicy Coleslaw
AED 55
Beef Teriyaki, sauté vegetable, fried tofu, Spinach Salad served with Japanese steam rice
AED 59
Grilled Prawn, Sauté Vegetable, Cucumber and seaweed salad, served with Japanese Steam Rice
AED 89
Prawn tempura, sauté vegetable, Spicy Coleslaw, furikake served with Japanese steam Rice
AED 79
Salmon Teriyaki, Sauté Vegetable, Spicy coleslaw served with Japanese steam rice
AED 79