Understanding A Traditional Bento Box

A bento box traces its origins from Japan as it was traditionally a lunch box. The bento box can be regarded as more than a mere lunch box since it represents a certain category of food that can be consumed at any given time of the day. People used the bento box in the past as they undertook various activities to store their food. The utility of the bento box can trace its utility to the 5th century. During this era, people were busy with different cultural and commercial activities. People used to hunt and farm, and all through their activities, they would require a bento box to store their food. Today there can be several similarities that can be drawn from the bento box of the ancients.

Understanding A Traditional Bento Box

What Is A Bento Box?

A bento box is a container that was traditionally used to hold food for later use. The box would usually consist of rice and other types of meals, including vegetables and meat. These boxes' shape and structure have changed over the years, but their application has stayed more or less the same. It is common in modern Asian homes and restaurants to find these boxes used to serve food for family members and guests.

What Is Inside A Bento Box?

Bento boxes are usually composed of foods that include rice and some assortment of protein together with some vegetables. The tradition to ensure different food groups are being represented in the bento box has helped to ensure the food being served is composed of a balanced diet. The sushi bento boxes are usually composed of rice which is accompanied by some fish or meat. The contents also have some pickled or pre-cooked vegetables to ensure they offer a balanced diet.

Different Designs Of Bento Box

There are different ways in which one can make a bento box. Depending on the occasion, they can be beautifully decorated or depict certain anime characters, even depending on the desired recipient. The bento box can come in different sizes and shapes. Some bento boxes are shaped like animals or fruits. The idea behind the bento box is the notion of easily accessing fast food. They can also be designed to store food at cold temperatures or even room temperatures. These lunch boxes have evolved from other conventional food containers. Some have partitions for different food portions and can even heat the contents they carry. This design makes it easy to use them for taking outs.

What Cutlery Is In A Bento Box?

The most important contents of a bento box would be the food they contain; however, they can also contain some portable cutlery. Such can include chopsticks that are widely used in Japan and spoons or forks depending on the type of dish one is serving.

Health Benefits Of A Bento Box

Health Benefits Of A Bento Box

Bento boxes are usually composed of foods that include rice and some assortment of protein together with some vegetables. The box ensures different food types are being represented, resulting in a balanced diet. The box also helps to ensure people take their meals in small portions as opposed to large chunks. So if you don’t want the All You Can Eat option, we suggest going in for a bento box.