Indulge in These Must-Try Japanese Favorites with Ucci Sushi

Honed over the centuries with its array of pure and delicate flavors, Japanese cuisine can be best defined as refined, and elegant. Not only does it stand apart due to its flavors, textures, and colors of seasonal produce, but its preparation and presentation are also unique. Japanese cuisine is also one of the healthiest dining choices you can opt for; in fact, recent studies have shown that the lower obesity rate among Japanese nationals is primarily down to their healthy eating habits.

Japanese cuisine is best enjoyed in Japanese restaurants. As an authentic Japanese restaurant based in Dubai, we here at Ucci Sushi are committed to helping our diners embark on a culinary journey filled with various delicious delicacies. Listed in this article are four Japanese dishes that you should try with us if you are new to the cuisine.

Japanese Cuisine Is One Of The Healthiest Dining Choices

Miso Soup

A bowl of soup always accompanies a traditional Japanese meal. While there are a lot of options from which you can make your selection, our pick would be the simple yet flavorful miso soup. The main ingredient that brings out the flavor is dashi, which is a fish stock typically used in Japanese cuisine. They further add tofu, green onions, and several seasonal meat and vegetables. The final dish bursts with flavor and delivers the right amount of every ingredient with each bite. It is the perfect starter to immerse yourself in the Japanese gastronomic culture.


It is an authentic Japanese dish that you'll surely like if you are serious about healthy eating. With an appearance similar to that of green peas, edamame is basically boiled or steamed soya beans. Upon preparation, the chefs typically add a dash of shio (salt) for additional flavor. The final dish includes red chili flakes or sesame seeds as a garnish. Not only does it give an appealing look, but it also adds a tangy taste to the overall dish. Most people munch on this nutritious snack while drinking alcoholic beverages.


The tempura is a popular Japanese appetizer that includes deeply fried prawns, immersed in a thin delicious batter. The batter used is a combination of corn flour, all-purpose flour, salt, and spices, mixed with water. It's a very simple yet extremely palatable recipe. The crunchy dish usually has a dipping sauce to accompany it, which further enhances the flavors stored in the ingredients. Tempuras are commonly served alongside soups and noodles.

Tempuras Are Commonly Served Alongside Soups And Noodles


Most people make the mistake of confusing sashimi with sushi, whereas they are two completely different types of food. The standard ingredients in a sushi roll include vinegared rice and thinly sliced raw seafood or vegetables, beautifully rolled in a seaweed sheet. Sashimi, on the other hand, uses raw tuna, salmon, prawns, and sometimes even octopuses. The right way to eat it is with a small dash of spicy wasabi. Beware, though, and avoid going overboard with it, or it may ruin the entire taste. Sashimi is, by far, one of the healthiest Japanese dishes as it is packed with healthy vitamins and fatty acids.