Fresh Sushi is Better than Pre-Made Sushi – Here’s Why

Sushi is a delicacy enjoyed in many parts of Asia, Japan being the primary country for obvious reasons. Japanese food as a whole includes a wide range of ingredients, raw fish being the primary component. While raw fish has many benefits to it, there are potential risks as well. Some of the merits of having sushi come from the nutritional value one gets when consuming sushi. However, one must be careful to ensure that the fish is fresh, properly cleaned, and free from harmful microorganisms. Sushi has a unique taste to it which is difficult to replicate when it is cooked. Depending on the type of fish, cooking them might destroy their texture and taste. There are different reasons why fresh sushi is better than pre-made sushi, and they are as follows.

Fresh Sushi is Better than Pre-Made Sushi


There are many places where one can easily purchase pre-made sushi, such as stores and groceries. However, since store-bought sushi is often not freshly prepared or kept for long hours, this impacts the sushi's overall quality. It is a rule of thumb that sushi should be made and consumed fresh. If not followed, you could either fall ill, or it could cause several other health issues. This is why we always recommend buying fresh sushi as opposed to store-bought sushi.


Unlike restaurants, groceries have a limited option. Ideally, you would either find spicy tuna rolls or cucumber rolls lying on the shelves. On the other hand, a restaurant has chefs who have in-depth knowledge and can offer you a wide range of choices, including some truly exotic flavors. So apart from eating fresh sushi, you also get to experiment with your taste buds. They also assure the quality is intact.


Pre-made sushi might contain ingredients that perhaps won't suit the end consumer, therefore, ruining their taste. The addition of specific ingredients ensures the meat stays fresh and also provides it with a unique flavor. Unlike restaurants, grocery stores cannot take into consideration any allergies. However, when you visit a restaurant, you can always inform them about it so that they can prepare it accordingly. This is by far one of the major benefits of freshly made sushi.

Customization of Fresh Sushi


Fresh sushi gives consumers the flexibility to select and consume the type of fish they desire. This becomes an added benefit as the chef can then prepare the sushi based on your preference. Whereas, in a grocery, since it is pre-made, you will have to purchase and consume it as it is.